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Company Profile

Shenzhen Nalon Battery Co., Ltd established in July 2007, located in No.6 Futai South Road, Pingxi community, Pingdi street, Longgang district, Shenzhen. Registered assets are thirty million. Nalon have more than 1500 employees and the factory plant are 22 thousand square meters.

Our products cover: IT communication field(cell phone, digital products); Power battery field(power tool, E-bike, E-motorcycle, E-car); New energy field(storage system, new energy car).

Nalon batteries are wildly used in second battery energy demand industry, our daily production capacity are 300,000pcs which is one of the leader lithium battery manufacturer in China. For 10 years,  Nalon was absorbed in designing and producing lithium battery, 70% of R&D team members are bachelor or above degree. Our professional R&D team can quick respond customers’ multiple customized requirements.

For production, Nalon is promoting automatic production: we have 15 full-automatic lithium battery production lines and we are planing to carry out the full-automatic workshop in the next 3~5 years.

Our digital battery and power battery have sold to all over the world and approved by our customers. Especially for electric bike replacement battery, we have designed more than hundreds products for customers to choose and became one of the leader in this area.

Nalon have prefect after-sell service system which will make sure our customers have careful and thoughtful after-sell service.

Nalon always insist the quality policy: Full participation, Excellent quality, Legal compliance, Environment friendly and energy saving, Continuous improvement, Satisfy demand. Rely on the more than 10 years experience of digital batteries and power batteries, Nalon fully enter the storage system field and new energy vehicles field, aim at becoming the leader of lithium battery industry and write a new chapter for the future.


Product Center

  • Power battery

    Nalon had invested heavily to power battery research and development since its established, we have hundreds power batteries devel...

  • Digital battery

    Nalon battery is professional produce Mobile battery, Pad battery, wareable battery, hand-keep battery, medical battery and other ...

  • Storage battery

    Nalon battery insist sustainable and producing green energy. The new energy products cover UPS battery, Telecom base battery, Sole...

  • Custom battery

    Nalon battery has more than 10 years experience in assembling ithium battery pack. We welcome kinds custom lithium battery. To mee...


Shenzhen Nalon Battery Co., Ltd

No.6 Futai South Road, Pingxi community, Pingdi street, Longgang Zone, Shenzhen China, 518117



[email protected]

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